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Institute For Wholistic Rejuvenation

IWR line of products are high quality dietary supplements specifically formulated to support many chronic conditions that traditionally have been hard to diagnose or treat by those in the medical and pharmaceutical community.

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Dr. Gloria's special guacamole recipe!
Dr. Gloria’s Nightshade Free Guacamole

Here's The Ingredients 4 large, well-ripened avocados, smashed until creamy smooth with no lumps The juice

Dr. Gloria’s Cucumber Avocado Soup (hot or cold)

Ingredients 2-3 avocados (peeled & seeded) 1 cucumber, peeled Zest of ½ lime Juice of 1-2 whole limes

Carrot, Cumin & Ginger Soup

Dr. Gloria’s DETOX Soup Recipe #3: Carrot – Cumin – Ginger Soup Ingredients ⎫ 2 medium yellow

Dr. Gloria’s Nightshade-FREE Detox Soup

Dr. Gloria’s Nightshade-FREE Detox Soup Ingredients:  ¥ 2 medium leeks, cut in half, cleaned well,

Sweet Potato – Lentil – Kale Salad

So many of you keep asking for more healthy anti-inflammation (night-shade FREE) recipes and this

Summit Pumpkin Pie & Summit Coconut Cake

 (as made for the “Invisible Illness SUMMIT” in Gig Harbor, WA) Ingredients 1   cup canned pumpkin

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Dr. Gloria Gilbère

CDP, D.A. Hom., ND, Ph.D., D.S.C., Wholistic Rejuvenist, Eco Ergonomist, HTMA Practitioner, Health Detective, Founder of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation
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