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Synergistic Vitamins & Supplements E-Book

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Mark Buse’s book came about because when he researched the rising rates of age-related disorders, particularly in baby-boomers and beyond, it became obvious that nutritional and biological support is more important than ever. Our food supply is mostly depleted of vital nutrients needed to achieve and maintain wellness.
Additionally, we are exposed to toxic substances that many times we have no individual control over. Without adequate nutritional support, incidences of age-related disease will continue to increase as our bodies require more support yet our food and soil continually become more depleted of those essential nutrients.
In dealing with his clients, it became clear that they are not aging as did their parents and grandparents because they have available the knowledge and tools to age without becoming old. That said, this new found reality cannot be achieved without specific knowledge and implementation of how nutrients work in the food, what foods contain them, and how to quickly identify if your body is manifesting signs of depletion so that proactive measures can be implemented.
This book covers most of what Buse’s clients ask him about regularly as to what specific vitamins contribute to overall wellness, as well as a clear understanding of vitamin combinations that are vital for the body to maximize their effectiveness AND combinations that are actually toxic.

It’s Published by: IWR Press a virtual repository of basic information for every consumer.


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