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Ultra Flora IB (requires refrigeration, read directions)

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30 capsules (requires refrigeration)

A high-potency probiotic blend of 60 billion microorganisms in each capsule with a full-spectrum of health-enhancing microorganisms fermented in a dairy-free base, suitable for vegetarians. Extremely helpful for acute cases of gastrointestinal distress including chronic diarrhea, food-poisoning, and water-borne illnesses.

(Must be refrigerated)

Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM Strain 30 billion live organisms Bifidobacterium lactis B1-07 Strain 30 billion live organisms

Shipping instructions for refrigerated products.

Please read carefully and be sure to follow all instructions. Incorrect information may result in a delay of your order. Feel free to call with any questions during the process. Call # (888) 352-8175 during normal Pacific time business hours.

Due to the sensitive nature of some products and the summer heat, we must use special packaging to maintain product integrity. Our packages will accommodate a single bottle, or groups of 3. If you order more than one refrigerated product, you will save on shipping costs.

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Finally, be aware that you must select PRIORITY SHIPPING at checkout. This will ensure timely delivery of your products and prevent loss of product integrity.

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